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JJ Grey and MOFRO

LimSBD & AppReq As of 06/01/2007, JJ Grey and MOFRO's policy is as follows As of June 1 2007, ALL MOFRO uploads will be allowed from any previous year. All forms are acceptable. Exception: Current shows from 2007 and into the present must be from free standing MICS. NO BOARD PATCHES. Any SBD/AUD Matrix generated from 2007 and into the present must be approved via

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JJ Grey and MOFRO
by JJ Grey and MOFRO
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Disc 1 01) Harp & Drums 02) Take It Back To The Bridge 03) Free 04) Santa Claus, True Love & Freedom 05) Air 06) They Caught The Devil 07) You Gotta Have Roots 08) Nare Sugar 09) Homework 10) Blackwater 11) How Junior Got His Head Put Out 12) Lazy Fo Acre Disc 2 01) Dirtfloorcracka 02) The Great Stagger Lee 03) Gimme That Drop 04) Ho Cake 05) Frog Giggin' 06) Lochloosa > 07) Florida 08) Gotta Know
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Topics: jj grey, mofro, tulagi's, boulder, co
Source: AKG se300b w/ck93 (hypers, x/y @ 90 degrees) > Grace Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DA-P1